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A.B suffered from "extreme fatigue", had constant bags under her eyes, weak nails, and severe digestive pain and swelling. After 2 visits, at our 6 week follow up, she reported that she felt she had now reached her desired health goals. A few weeks later she sent an email thanking me again.
-A. B., Law Student, Dec. 16 2013
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Dr.Elisabeth Bastos, BSc,ND,L.Acu
Naturopath & Acupuncturist.
Nutritional Blood Cell Microscopist & Analyst
& Food Intolerance Coaching Certified

Providing Care Since 2005.
Real Clinic Success Cases:

53 year old E.B. had a case of severe eczema covering 95% of both hands and wrists. She reported 9/10 pain constantly, with oozing and infection often. Mrs. B. reported feeling "helpless" and felt "depressed" from her condition. After 3 visits in 2 months, she had only 10% eczema with no pain or oozing anymore. Her dermatologist wanted to personally know about our successful techniques.
-November 2013
One in office treatment resolved a 4 day fever and ear infection in a 4 year old girl in just ½ a day. Her MD now allowed her to fly on her family trip.
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