Case Studies and Mymop Clinical Significance Research with Dr. Bastos

To ensure I deliver results based healthcare and wellness support for the individuals and families I work with, I am dedicated to tracking the success of my real life clinic cases.

Please review just some of the positive changes that the holistic, chemical free naturopathic health care can potentially bring.  These are real cases from my Bastos Natural Family Center

Stiff and Too Drained to Even Work Out 

For 6 months 32 year old Male, J.P, has only had 3-4 hours of sleep and worked 12-14 hours per day on shift work. He had 3/10 stiffness in his hands and legs constantly worse on waking up. He never recalls having good amounts of energy and has not been able to work out to move towards his lowered weight goals as after one workout he felt so sore, stiff and tired for 2 weeks after that one work out.
A live blood/darkfield microscope analysis and oxidative stress test ( were used in the office during his visit, and I discovered harmful bacterial and fungal accumulation in his blood system that were overstimulating his immune system, poor mineral absorption, cell food/tissue salt deficiencies, toxic acids accumulation inside the cells.
Root cause cellular treatments were tested for his specific needs at the consult.
After 3 months treatment, using simple liquid biological medicines, tissue salt tablets and 2 custom no filler herb capsules and adrenal support
J.P reported feeling 80% better in his energy and that he had never felt this level of energy before,
No stiffness at all anymore, recovery post workout has improved to the point were he works out 4 + times per week with one day recovery vs. 2 weeks recovery post one workout 3 months earlier.

E.McM| March 2017

PMS resolved after 2 visits
E.M, a 32 year old Mother, came for support regarding feeling “rock bottom” all of January and February 2017 with 6/10 intensity anxiety attacks of shortness of breath, worry, fear and irritability. She also reported 7/10 intensity for feeling low/”depressed”.
After only one Naturopathic Consult where she started inexpensive homeopathics and mineral salts, and one 30 minute Acupuncture session,
she reported
“NO [more] anxiety, no irritation” for the whole month and reported “going thru [her period] in peace and calm”.

Naturopathic Doctor’s Note: Normally the text book length of time to resolve hormone related concerns is 3 months, although this Woman, like others I have treated had much faster results in just 6 weeks.

M.F.| July 2016

Chest/Shoulder Pain Resolved After One Acupuncture Session
A middle aged female came to the clinic with pain on her left upper chest area by her shoulder after a high anxiety period of time and a lung infection. The stabbing pain was so bad that it “hurt to breath” and to lie on her left side.
After one acup session and 2 herbal combinations, she reported “99%” improved in her pain at her next treatment one week later with only still some lingering anxiety. At her 3rd treatment visit 9 days later, she still reported no pain anymore and is finding relief from her anxiety after the acupuncture sessions but more treatments are needed beyond 3 to resolve her anxiety concerns.


K.S.| April 2016

Menstrual Pain/Cramps and PMS
After 2.5 months of weekly and sometimes only every 2 weeks acupuncture session (30 min. consult length), K.S. reported having no more menstrual cramp, irritability, or clots with her cycles. She reported that she has never had cycles this comfortable since she began her period at age 13 and she is now middle aged. This is the first time that she is able to cope emotionally during her cycle also without becoming irritable. She senses no cramps leading up to her period making her “period” a surprise when it arrives versus she would be in extreme discomfort prior to starting at my clinic.

N.F. | June 2016

Weight Support with Specific Food Testing
A middle aged female reported losing 3.25 inches only a few weeks after eliminating the foods reported as being body chemistry concerns. She had no calorie restriction and in fact increased her caloric intake and was supported on how to make substitutions that worked for her body chemistry. She was also taught how best to time her meals and added into her diet particular foods that support her appetite naturally. N.F. also reported that she had not yet started the metabolism boosting workouts yet at this point but had only made food changes.

23 days later, N.F. reported losing 10 pounds and 9 inches following the diet changes alone based on the in clinic food test and the eating blueprint she was taught.

C.F. 9 years of age | July 2016

Case Study – Children’s Headaches

After only 1 consult a 9 years old child that experienced a severe 10/10 self reported headache once per week experienced significant improvements in her headache pain, duration and her ability to function using inexpensive, simple homeopathy.

Her headaches before treatment with Dr. Elisabeth Bastos ND lasted 2 hrs and were so severe her Mom reported the child crying in her room and being unable to attend school or activity for that matter.

After 2 weeks with two homeopathics that cost a total of $2 each, the Mom and child reported only having one h/a that lasted 20 minutes and the child was able to quickly be active again. She is now on her second phase of treatment to eliminate further root causes of her concerns with the goal of her not having any headaches at all.

M.M 81 yoa | August 2014 to present

Chronic Shoulder Pain and Insomnia
M.M came to my clinic specifically having trouble falling asleep.  Her case was assessed using the MYMOP clinical signficance research format.
ONLY FOUR 30 minute SESSIONS AND 100% RESOLUTION of shoulder pain needing no more medications and resolution of insomnia and confidence to exercise again. Note: This client still only requires one treatment for maintenance every 6 weeks now over a year later.

Case details:
An Eldery woman M.M, with chronic shoulder pain from arthritis.
Scaled her pain from 0 to 6 (0 being as good as it can be and 6 as bad as it can be )
as a 6 which means she felt it was “as bad as it can be”.

Her insomnia was scaled at 5 (1 point away from “as bad as it can be”).
She also reported her motivation to exercise was only a 4 (with zero as best and 6 as worst).

After only 4 acupuncture sessions spaced by no more then 7 days apart, she STOPPED HER DAILY IBUPROFEN USE,
and scaled her pain, insomnia an exercise motivation to now be a 0 which in Mymop research means as good as it can be.

Golfer’s Elbow Pain. 2015

40% improvement reported after one acupuncture session . Had reported 7/10 constant pain and difficulty with opening up a door handle and at the second visit reported only 2/10 on his golfers elbow pain.

He also reported a mental restlessness and unsatisfied feeling in general which has also improved from the 8/10 before to a 6/10 after the one acupuncture session and Naturopathic restorative rubimed treatment and adrenal support for his nervous system and hormonal system.

J.G Male 52 yoa

Shoulder and Knee Pain. 2015

Mrs. N came to Dr.Bastos ND, for right shoulder pain at the bicep tendon (front of shoulder) and knees that prevent her from exercising and After one acupuncture session she reported no shoulder pain until about 5 weeks later at which time she came for a repeat treatment. Her knees were slightly better with less swelling but she was reminded that 1/week for 4 weeks straight is the best method to approach acupuncture before checking in on improvements.

C.N 59 yoa female

Endometriosis case with 8/10 pain in her menses/period requiring naproxen and no LH surge for fertility goals.

After 2 months of weekly acup. she reports no medication was now needed because the pain was so mild in per periods.

Her 5 days of pre spotting is now only 1 day of spotting and flow is not clotted anymore, giving her a more optimal chance for her fertility goals.

She also had No LH surge in hx and now finds a positive on strip testing for the first time she can remember.

Female August 2015 40 years old.

Arthritis of 26 years. Heartburn of 20 years despite medication. Hot Flashes of 24 years.

After one acupuncture treatment and 13 days of determined chemistry specific dietary changes and one supplement for body acidity.

She reported improvements including:

  • Her ankle pain and swelling is 50% better now
  • She had hot flashes only 3x in the daytime this week (which was down 50% from before our treatments started) and no night flashes were reported the whole past week when she was having 3 a night before starting our treatments.
  • Her heartburn was also improved 40% from just 13 days of implementing her program with Dr.Bastos ND.

61 one year old B.P. August 2015

One example of how acupuncture helps in medication response, egg quality and follicle/egg numbers

Infertility IVF Support Case. 38 year old female trying for 2 years.

Before treatment, Mary had a history of being a “non responder” to fertility meds for eggs/follicles and has a history of poor quality eggs ie. in 2013 she reported only 1 egg after a medicated IVF cycle and the eggs were not uniform and poor to use.

On lab work, Mary has poor AMH levels (reserve) and hi FSH (low quality of eggs indicator).

After only 7 acupuncture treatments (just under 2 months), Mary is ready for IVF and reported 5 eggs on one side and 6 on the other that are good quality to use and uniform in size.

This was a unique outcome that she not experienced before ie.

5-6x the number of eggs that are usable in her IVF.

August 6th 2015. *Mary (real name concealed for privacy)

Case Study of how acupuncture and Rubimed therapy can resolve headaches

Jane was concerned with a strong headache lasting 4 weeks with no time of relief.

She self reported pain ranging from a 5-6/10 during the day to 9-10/10 at night.

The headache is like a vice around her whole head leaving her feeling “dizzy” and with “brain fog”. Her blood pressure is normal. X-rays showed some neck osteoarthritis.

After one 30 minutes acupuncture treatment and one dose of her indicated rubimed nervous system balancing remedy, she reported not headache for the first time in 4 weeks.

In this case Jane will have further treatment with the Rubimed therapies to ensure her nervous system and stress is not causing body symptoms.

August 2015 – Jane * name concealed to protect privacy

Weakness in a Toddler – Hypothyroid

A 34 Month Old (2yoa) Girl, had weakness of the arms, difficulty pressing down to color with crayons, low appetite, hard to pass stool and skips days (Note: 2-3 times per day is normal !) She never liked to jump or play physically. I was able to diagnose her with hypothyroid (underactive) with bloodwork and an iodine deficiency. After her medical doctor refused to treat her, we started safe naturopathic medicine. 3 weeks later, she had gained 2 pounds, grown inch in height and her head circumference was up by 1 cm. Her mom also reported that she has learned how to jump and is more interested in all kinds of exercises. Her bowel movements were also improving steadily. Her medical doctor once seeing her response on the natural thyroid treatments, agreed to treat her also with his prescription, to ensure her proper development.

Note: Working safely alongside the medical system is always possible in my practice.

34 month old Girl. June 2008

Food Intolerance Changes on Asthma in just one week:

MyMOP Scale was used – 0 is as good as it could be , 2 3 4 5 up to 6 is as bad as it could be.

T.L. in her 30’s has wheezing and tightness at a 2 on the MYMOP scale and a 2 for difficulty falling asleep because of it. She uses oils *5-6x per week* to manage her symptoms.

The only tool used was nutritional changes based on the Carroll Food Intolerance Method (non blood analysis) and one week later she reported

Falling asleep and her tightness and wheezing was now a 1 (0 is as good as it can be).

And the whole week she did not need to use any treatment for her symptoms.

June 2015 Middle Aged Female

A Case of helping constipation, anxiety and heat flushes with Naturopathic and Acupuncture Care:

Client had severe Constipation with a bowel movement every 10 days for 20 years and needed a laxative 3x/week min.

After 2 acup sessions and Unda Drainage Therapy this client happily reported a bowel movement ev.2 days with no medications which staying consistent in improvement, even at the last follow up one month later.

Anxiety which was first a 7/10 with issues of shortness of breath with panic, reported at the first visit (with no treatment) was after the first visit treatment improved to a 3/10 in severity.

After the 2nd treatment the anxiety which was now triggered by a life event, was still only reported at a 5/10 (even when triggered) which was still a 20% reported improved over before treatments had been started.

Flushes in the night was only 3/10 in severity after 2 visits. And Energy level, which was only a 5/10 at the first visit (with no tx) remained an improved 7/10 after the second and third treatment.

P.W. 45 years of age | June 2015

Case Study – 42 years of age

1 embryo transfer with egg donation before visiting clinic without success. 5 1/2 years trying to get pregnant unsuccessfully. T.G. had 5 months of acupuncture treatment alone to prep for IVF with egg donor oversees. No acupuncture before and after the IVF was possible due to distance but she became pregnant for the first time in 5 in a half years. She ended up having an early miscarriage.

After a few cycles break, T.G. was motivated by the success of having had even an early pregnancy and restarted weekly acupuncture treatment in prep for IVF with egg donation in Canada.

After less then 2 months acupuncture treatment she had a pregnancy again and we were able to have acupuncture before and after the IVF which allowed a successful and secure pregnancy to date. Last report she was 15 weeks pregnant and healthy


Case study – 30 year old

After suffering with infertility for 2 years with a fully blocked right fallopian tube, only 7 weeks after starting acupuncture treatment and 3 weeks after starting Naturopathic supports, C.S had a repeat patency dye tests now showing NO blockage of the right fallopian tube and good spill tests.
Dr. Bastos also discovered that her partner has sperm abnormalities that had never been addressed and within 6 weeks of treatment should have significant improvements based on past cases



***These Case Studies, Research and Statistics are accurate and are of real patients who have been treated by
Dr. Elisabeth Bastos BSc, ND,L.Acu personally

Legally, the names and defining details of these clients had to be made private for confidentiality in line with privacy laws and board regulations.

These Case Reports are individual, reflecting real life experiences of those who have used our products and/or services in some way or another. However, they are individual results and results do vary. We do not claim that they are typical results that consumers will generally achieve. The testimonials are not necessarily representative of all of those who will use our products and/or services.